Why are you called Go Just Nuts?

The name Go Just Nuts came because we were selling kernels only with no shells so it was just the nuts. Now it has kinda morphed into Go Nuts, Go crazy, we want people to go a bit nuts for our products so it all works! 

Why do you wear a wig?

Good ol fashioned marketing! I wear a wig of different colours depending on what's in season. And if nothing is in season that matches the wig, then I'll just make up a reason!! 

Can we visit the farm?

Of course! We love visitors. However I am mostly in Melbourne on the weekends because of the markets. So, yes, you can come visit but you need to get in contact before coming. 

How long does it take you to drive down to Melbourne from Nangiloc?

6 hours. I drive down on a Thursday and do restaurant and shop deliveries on Fridays and then the markets on Saturday, before driving home to the farm.

What's your favourite product?

Pistachios, or whatever my newest product is...

How do you keep coming up with all these new products?

12 hours of driving each week gives me plenty of time to think up new things!! Plus I'm always thinking about how to use ALL of the product so like I had the excess of limes, I've been doing straight lime juice, then Lime crisps, lime powder and now I've moved to black limes.