Meet the Products

Go Just Nuts products are grown in Nangiloc near Mildura. Whilst not certified organic, our products are grown with love (and neglect) so no chemicals. Our aim is to use the whole product and create little waste.


Go Just Nuts pistachios are dried, not roasted and come in 2 varieties; lightly salted and unsalted. When people ask 'How long do they last?" We always reply with "About 10 minutes." 

Try our unsalted pistachios to get the full flavour of how pistachios really taste and be careful with the lightly salted, you won't be able to stop!

Orange Chips

Go Just Nuts Orange Chips are 100% Orange, no added sugar, no added anything! Use these on your cakes, in yoghurt or muesli, as decorations, pop them in your lunch boxes or eat them straight from the pack. They were created as a health food, but some people like to pop them into cocktails. Don't worry - we won't tell anyone!

Citrus Powders

Like the Orange Chips, these powders are 100% citrus, there is nothing in there but dehydrated citrus, crushed up into a powder. No fillers, no nothing. These come on a range of flavours including; Lemon, Cara Cara, Blood Orange, regular Orange, Lime and Pink Grapefruit. Use these as a batter for fish or vegetables on cakes or dessert, add flavour to vegetables, on an avocado (of course!) the possibilities really are endless.

Black Garlic

What is Black Garlic? It is regular garlic that has been fermented slowly over 40 days. It creates an almost sweet, balsamic flavour and can be used wherever you use regular garlic. Use it on meat, pop it in soups, add it to yogurt or sour cream for a dip or dressing and no strong garlic breath either - winning!