Meet the Team

Eric  - Farmer

Farmer Eric has been Farmer Eric for 20+ years but did you know he was also a school teacher and principal? He actually met his wife, Kerryn at Teacher's College. Eric taught maths and created a program for his school where the young people would sell the Mildura Oranges. Different year levels would be responsible for different things like packing or marketing.

The rumour is that Eric went along to the auction for his farm just to have a look. It got passed in so Eric decided to make an offer (which was of course accepted!) He then had to go home to Kerryn and say "Guess what Honey? I bought a farm"

On top of that Eric had no idea about avocados and so it was very much learning on the job.

He travels down from Nangiloc each week, delivering to restaurants and cafes on Thursday and Friday before doing a market on the Saturday and then going home. This gives him plenty of time each week to think up new ideas and products which is how and why he keeps innovating each week.


Yas  - Operations

Yas was a long time customer of Eric's. One day, at the market, Eric had no helper and Yas said the magic words "Oh, you should have called me, I could have helped out" and many years later, here she is.

Having grown up in the country, with many brothers and sisters, on a farm, food, growing and community is important to Yas. The farmers markets are her happy place. Yas is also the maker behind the Duchess of Dukkah products, utilising all the interesting products that Eric creates and making them into something tasty and delicious.

Yas manages all the social media, the website and tries to keep Eric in line. Sometimes it works and sometimes, it does not.

Yas also has her own businesses, doing small business marketing, strategy and communications, an online Earrings store called Wearrings and teaches Yin Yoga.


James - Support

(Picture of James to come)

James also was a customer that got pulled behind to help out with the stall. Go Just Nuts was going to be a stall at the Lost Lands Festival and we needed some more staff and now we have the super-helpful James. James is support in every way of the word, he helps out on the stall, he has very much been tech-support with bring Go Just Nuts into the brave new technological world, setting us up with Cards facilities at the market and this website/shop.

You might have also met James' beautiful wife, Katja and daughter, Ella who also help with the stall. Ella, at 7, is a marketing wizz and loves handing out samples. That's Ella below, working the juice samples.

James has his own business, actually doing Tech support.